Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Eleven.

Day 11.
Pet names irk me. This is a douche bags favorite thing, calling baby, babe, honey or all the above indicates one of two things when it comes to men. One: he is emotionally immature and is still in a high school mindset that he must call you these names to prove ownership over you. Two: He is a stage 5 douche bag; yes he is afraid he might call you another girl’s name! Oddly enough, girls find hearing these things so adorable! It is not adorable but kind of gross, like the ting tings once said”that is not my name”! So have a: don’t call me that attitude and walk away, recently I met another guy and he texted me saying “hey baby” it was those two little words that ruined our relationship potential for me. I never responded and the double texts poured in, yes they love when you don’t respond! So baby names are a no go, if a girl were to call a guy baby before a committed relationship then she will be dubbed the name crazy or psycho girl however as women we seem too fond over being called these names. Maybe taking the guy approach and realizing that when a guy is calling you babe or baby before you have agreed to a relationship, something is defiantly not right. So instead of finding this odd name changer cute or adorable maybe we should take a step back and wonder… is this normal? Maybe this guy has become accustomed to using pet names but you haven’t, your parents named you a certain name, and that’s what you want to be called. You don’t want him feeling like he has you before he really “has you” and you want him to remember you (insert name) not just another “baby”.


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  2. you're a fucking psychopath. get help now.

  3. Yeah... sounds like you are a stage 11 NPD, stage 10 BPD, with a little Border Line in there...

    Get help! If u can even pull yourself out of the fantasy world you've created for yourself that allows you to never take responsibility for hurting others or projecting your problems on to others...

    Typical personality disorder... bottom line.

  4. Ah look at this shit face beaner trying to diagnose you with a disorder. Anything to deny the punishment that men rightfully deserve.

  5. Its funny too, because men lie and manipulate all the time and its considered normal. If a woman does it, she has a "personality disorder". LOL