Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Ten.

Day 10:
My very good friend has a major crush on a guy, she texts him nonstop, calls him and will go above and beyond for him. This is not good; she recently came over to my house all bummed out because it seemed like she was putting in all the work and he really didn’t care. I told her simple rules that I live by, first change his name in your phone to “no text” and don’t text him, within a week he will wonder what is wrong and text you wanting to see you. Rule two is even more simple, don’t do anything, he will put in the effort to win you, never text first, never make the first move, and don’t give too much of your time to him. Rule three; you don’t care where this goes! You have confidence enough in yourself to know that with or without him you will be okay, there are tons of fish in the sea! Why has being uncaring become the new love sonnets that are to be read over and over again to get the one you want? Recently the roles seemed to reverse and now women have woman been giving all the effort, with the romantic gestures and kind words. Men have found words to describe these new age girls: boring and clingy. This is the last thing you want to be remembered as; because once they think you like them more than they like you it will end the relationship. After meeting a guy and using a few little rules you will be shocked at how easy this relationship came about, it seems that our generation loves the abuse and that’s why men end up falling for the “mean” girl rather than the girl who would do anything for their man. Abuse can go far with love, if you give them just a little they will love it a lot. Within these moments of abuse you will find that they have become the guy of your dreams, giving you everything your heart desires. Although it is sad and I don’t know if I agree that we should be mean, this method does work. My good friend got a text from her crush less then a week later with words of kindness and admiration, he said he missed her and wanted to hang out. So abuse a little and see his reaction, follow these simple rules and I can almost guarantee that he will be serenading you soon.