Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Nine.

Day 9
When trying to destroy a man it is very important to ignore and act as if you do not want him around, however finding a commonality between you and this douche is a necessity in reeling him in. The best place to talk about what you have “in common” is not done over the phone or by text message; this should be done on the first date. This is not only to show that you are a breathing human being but that you can show a common bond that will trap him in. See douche bags have certain rules about the first date, they will mostly talk about themselves so that they will in no way bond with you, they will act in a proper manner, (pulling your chair out, picking up the bill, and they might even pick up the victim card) they will always try to seal a kiss by the end of the date and if douchy enough will try for more. It is okay for this guy to pay the bill and pull out your chair but do not let them get the first kiss and above all do not let them talk only about themselves. When they talk about themselves they put the reel out there hoping you will bite onto whatever they are trying to make you believe, so when they are very interested about a topic let this be your favorite as well giving an in depth first hand story all about it. As stalkerish as this may sound, a good agent always does a little research on their next hit. So you may hear a friend of this man say something that your target may like or you may see his status change with a movie he may have recently enjoyed or a subject that has been bothering him. You can use this to your advantage, if you “unexpectedly” bring up something that he has been thinking of and has recently tweeted about then he will believe that you genuinely have similar commonalities verses agreeing with everything he is saying. When he believes that the two of you have so much in common he may mistake this as fate, just as so many of us younger people do. He will believe that it is almost impossible that he could have things in common with just another fling and you may have potential for more. In our generation fate has become such a big part of life, everything from getting jobs, going to school, and of course love is all due to destiny. It is important that you make him believe that it was by chance and fate that the two of you met, with a memorable meeting and so many commonalties, how could it not be… Right? This is wrong most of the time, and as Negative Nancy as this may sound, this is just setting ourselves up for a worse heart ache if the relationship doesn’t last. If you break up with someone you believed fate had brought you, then you are more likely to be hurt, your imagination gets filled with fairy tale like fantasies that did not get the happily ever after ending. It is very important to guard your heart and only let the fairy tale seem real when you have gained a man’s trust and this takes time. So when destroying a douche bag, remember this, set him up for the fairy tale as if you are his princess even though in reality you are his arch nemesis. Make sure you do your research so you know what to talk about and never give him that first date good bye kiss instead lead him on just letting his thoughts get away with him. After I went on that first date with John, I have become a Jets fan, I love Starwars, and I to enjoy going to the beach ever weekend. Although none of this is true he has fallen a little more for me and has already attempted at hanging out again. Now ladies just make sure only to do research when destroying a douche, if you are genuinely looking for love, it is best to see if you truly have similar commonalities.

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