Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Eight.

Day 8:
For a long time I have heard it said that we as women always tend to play the victim role. However, when dating a man regardless of being a douche bag or not the old sore subject about the ex always seems to come up. Yes we know she cheated on you! We most likely won’t but since it seems as if it thrills you then maybe I should. Now regular guys will not take this too much to heart but rather will still put their heart out there ready to take a chance, douche bags however will create a wall that will be structured never to come down. Unfortunately this man built this wall at a very young age, since his girlfriend who horribly tore his heart into shreds without any thought was most likely a high school affair it seems reckless to let this affect him in such a terrible way that every girl he comes across must hear of the story of the woman who killed a wonderful man. When being so young and still developing you’re mental self it is very dangerous to get head over heels in love, this will leave you with doubt of who you are and who you should become. My very best friend has been with the same man since she was fifteen; she is now twenty and very upset with her life. Now she plays victim to every minor mistake that her boyfriend does, she doesn’t socially understand how to be single or who she really is without him. This makes me wonder, if douche bag guys get into serious relationships so young and getting hurt in the process, could it be possible that they ever were a good guy? And is this persona of being a jerk, just a cover up to protect them from feeling yet another broken heart? When a man loves a woman and the woman loves him back all is good, you feel at peace with yourself and the world, but when that is stripped away and that crutch is gone, why is it that douche lords seem to never learn to walk properly on their own? Womanizing has become a new crutch for these types of men, they go around using and abusing woman so that they can steer clear of getting hurt themselves. When destroying a douche bag it is imperative to make sure you act as if you care and relate to the story but never talk about what a guy has done to you, just say you relate. Never let it seem like a big deal that this horrible break up happened to him, make sure he realizes that everyone goes through this; now his plan on being the victim cannot go through. Eventually you are allowed to share more personal stories but this is only for a later date so he can feel as if he can trust you, right now you do not want to seem as the overly emotional girl. Believe me it is very important that when the “ex” subject comes up that you make it clear that this is why you do not just get into relationships with everyone you meet, rather you prefer to stay single until you met that “real man” who doesn’t play childhood games. This will attract them because they know that if and when they win you it will be because you think of them highly and that you were not an easy win. So ladies don’t let yourself act as a victim because guys are tired of it and don’t let douche bags put their victim story on you either, this is all just party of their plan.

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