Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Five.

Day 5.
For many years we have heard the old stories of the woman who needed a knight and shining armor, now as much as independence is a wonderful thing there is a time to be the “damsel in distress.” Being an independent woman is very vital in getting a relationship going, you don’t need him, you can live without him, but uh oh your car won’t start. This is where he will be like a hero, much like Superman or any of his childhood fantasies and you are his Lois Lane. Lois Lane was a very independent woman, a reporter, eventually a mother and a girl who always seemed to fall into a helpless situation. Superman always came to her rescue and they lived happily ever after, well until the next comic book. Men although they love the independent woman, need their masculinity proved from time to time by helping out a girl. This will make them feel closer to you, not only physically but they will feel as if you have an unspoken bond that will always make you think of them as the “good guy” even after they royally screw up. Although I am writing this in day five, it is to prepare you to play the damsel in distress nearing the big destruction moment, he will believe that he has you wrapped around his finger and you will always owe him and never break up with him. This of course will end up untrue, and less than ten days after he helps you out, you will crush him. Now it seems a little harsh to say that after someone helps you that you can crush them, but this is their game to. They will treat you well until they get the gold pot at the end of “your rainbow”. The best way to see if someone is a douche bag versus a nice super hero like guy is by asking girls, yes their buddies will without a doubt stick up for them, but we as women will not and should not lie to each other. So Lois Lanes of this world there is a time and place for being the damsel in distress, yes you are independent doing your own thing but in reality men need to be Superman from time to time. Never let this be routine, never be clingy, but it is okay to let a man save you from Lex Luthor when needed. It is great and highly wanted to be independent, it is okay to ask for help, but too much of either of these will end up being his kryptonite.


  1. I for one, support your work, & understand that sometimes writing into the void is better than bottling things in.

    The hateful emails should be catalogued, because THAT is an email list of DoucheBags & Bagettes.

  2. So you are basically trying to prove that all men are assholes and you are failing because John isn't real.