Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Three.

Day 3.
Once upon a time in a not so far away place there lived a girl. This girl fell tragically in love with a man who knew exactly what he wanted in life, he knew exactly what he wanted to do after college, what city he would end up in, and eventually the type of woman he was going to marry. This girl knew what she wanted as well, however after a year into the relationship, she lost a little of her soul; her dream of fashion fell into her closet amongst her Juicy Couture dresses and her never ending collection of shoes. She had once inspired to live in a big city and dreamed of having her own company, this man eventually moved on with his life, leaving her behind with nothing more than a fragment of a once loved dream. It was obvious that he had loved her at one time, but once she lost her dream she seemed to have lost him as well. Why did this happen? It is time to get into detail about being an independent woman, in this day and age it is not only looked favorably upon but almost expected for women to be able to strut in stiletto’s and buy them to. It is quite obvious that men are falling in love with independent women every day, with songs and movies, this idea has become a staple of life and love. When destroying a man this is very important to show that you are independent, you don’t care about his fancy car or wealthy family, you don’t care that he can take care of you because you can do that all on your own. Men are finding this very sexy and are drawn to it like a moth to the flame, and you have become a very hot flame. As said before, when Mr. Douche Bag asks you on that date say yes then ditch him last minute, it is your time to shine letting him know exactly where you want to meet and what time, leave the movie up to him, you don’t want to look like a psycho chick! Also this will be another test to see what level of douche bag he is…
Level 1: He will say uhhh I don’t know
Level 2: He will pick a horror film
Level 3: He will pick that icky action flick that you know you would most defiantly not watch ( he believes no matter what he does, you will think he is awesome)
Now unless you mentioned that you actually enjoy any of the above, yes he is a douche bag. See when John asked me out after I said yes, I called him one hour before meeting time and told him that I had to go pick a friend up at the airport, excuses will become your best friend. Now ladies time for some destroying! Stay independent! Never make someone your whole world because your world can easily fall apart. When it comes to men, remember there are so many out there, they can be tossed away like last year Balenciaga bag or all the old worn out gladiator sandals that won’t be brought out unless necessary!

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