Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Six and Seven.

Day 6 and 7.

You’re at the grocery store and the guy that you have been crushing on is there, he approaches you and starts a quick conversation, this leaves you with a rush of butterflies that take over your stomach. Eventually you and Mr. Wonderful get into a relationship and every time he calls you or sends you a text those butterflies seem to come back. After some time, you seem to lose those butterflies, yes you think you love him but that rush seemed to fade and this leaves you wondering if you should break up with him or not. It’s sad to think that we base our relationships on the feeling of butterflies for the most part butterflies are misread and all this feeling is, is anxiety. In relationships it is as if we need anxiety to make the affair last, so when destroying a man make him anxious. Don’t text him back right away, you will see double texts and maybe even the annoying call just send them a text the next day and say you were too busy to respond. When he asks you what you did last night respond with very little information and let his imagination do the rest, yes will make him nearly have an anxiety attack. When John asked me to go out with him for a second time I said I had plans with someone, that’s all I said, I received non stopped texts all evening as if he was really concerned that I had found yet another douche bag to destroy. A man will fall in love with you quicker and easier if you keep them on their toes, it’s not hard just keep ignoring them and show little interest (remember you are being a douche baguette!)
A good friend of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend because like most douche lords, he didn’t give her enough attention and cared about other things, eventually she gave up and left him. Every time he calls her, she now ignores him. He has been nonstop begging her to get back with him, she of course says she doesn’t care about him and this seems to make him want her so much more. All the time that he didn’t have for her before is now getting spent with him blowing up her phone and facebook stalking her. He is mistaking his anxiety for love and letting that false rush from not getting what he wants; drive him crazy as if he is madly in love. So when destroying a man and trying to get them to fall for you, remember that anxiety and love is easily mistaken, so make sure you keep those butterflies flying!


  1. Once you're done, print out and keep a hard copy on your bookshelf so you'll be able to pull it down and read through it at age 40 and remember how your hate destroyed your once promising life.

    I once knew guy who got fucked over big time by someone, and decided to exact his "revenge" by climbing a 10 story building and shooting at random people with a hunting rifle. Right up till the end he was convinced that he was justified in his actions, and that his victims somehow deserved it. Your crazy talk reminds me of him and now I'm getting all misty.

    In fact, I'll give you the same advice I gave him (even though you won't hear me, just like he didn't): Go see a psychiatrist and actually LISTEN to what she has to say. It can't hurt to listen if she's wrong, and if she's actually RIGHT, you'll be in good hands for getting your life back in order.

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  3. Obviously you do not know me or you would know I am all about love and not hate. Faceless person you must understand everything you read in a book or watch on TV is not real 100% of the time. If you read day one you know that if you do not like this blog you don't have to read it. This is my therapy and a coping mechanism and that is all. I appreciate you reading and commenting but perhaps if you want to preach about love then maybe you should show some. Outside of this blog I am a very kind and loving person. This is like theatre, everyone acts as a character on stage but that doesn't mean that is who they are in real life. Once again thank you so much for reading and I appreciate your concern; I completely understand where you are coming from.

  4. get help girl. People are people, good and rotten at different times. Life is too short to dwell so hard on hating anyone.

  5. If this is theater then that was one hell of a pathetic soliloquy. It must reflect your somewhat warped and negative view of the world. You should understand; the key to a happy life is seeing the good in others, not yourself. I'm sure you're a lovely woman really but here you sound like quite an odious little bitch with a false sense of entitlement.

  6. Aw, the poor bastards cant stand a female who isnt about adoring men. Moronic cry babies. Love the blog! Im learning... I will exact my revenge. And I am as gorgeous as can be, it will be easy:)