Friday, January 22, 2010

Day One.

*This blog is about no one person in particular. If people were not blog blockers this is how the story might have happened. John will be the name of the man I am destroying, note that John is no more than a composite of different men that I have come across in my life. This blog is just a writing exercise; I realize that I may not be the most fantastic writer; however this is my way of passing time and heartache. I realize that I am young, I am still searching for myself and have yet to completely understand what love truly is, so bear with me in my journey of growth If you choose to follow, thank you. If you are not interested… why are you reading this?

Day One:
From the moment I met John I knew he was the one. The one man I would spend the next thirty days destroying. Behind John’s perfect brown hair, warm tan, and strong body there lived a monster, a monster that as Lady Gaga once described “ate hearts” for fun. He was your typical “douche bag” never wanting a relationship but always wanting the “perks” that came with one, he is the type of man that never calls you back but for whatever reasons keeps you thinking of him constantly. By the end of the short relationship you are left with nothing more than a broken heart.
John is with the rising number of douche bag guys that have hit our society hard. He thinks that he is cool and no person or girl could ever break him. I have had my fair share of douche bag guys that have come and gone throughout my life, the no commitment guys, the men that make you feel worthless, and the guys that make anything they do sound “amazing”. Now men are not all douche bags, as women are not all bitches. I have also seen in my life how much a man can truly love with everything they have; this blog however, is not targeted towards these wonderful guys. This is targeted to the men that harbor hate and mistreat woman all over the world. I have fortunately taken notes on all the diabolic ways that men use and abuse woman and have come up with a plan. Maybe it is time for woman to play douche-baguettes and for a real douche bag to feel the pain that women time after time have to endure. All my relationship life I have been the girlfriend that went above and beyond for my man, the meaner they were to me the nicer and more caring I was to them. I realize that this was stupid of me, that I should have remained constant throughout the relationship and at the first sight of trouble should have broken up with them. This is a test to see if people love the rush of being mistreated, that somehow we are all looking for a little abuse and how we should stop this mentality. It is never okay to let someone hurt you, it is never okay to hurt someone, and above all we are human beings that have the right to love and be loved.
Upon the first meeting, when that beautiful man comes up and starts talking to you, it is very important to do the following:
-Always give your name last.
-Make all answers short, yeah, no, etc.
-Look around as if you don’t care, be nice but not too interested.
-If he asks where your boyfriend is, which he will always ask, you say you don’t really believe in relationships or that you don’t date a lot because you have yet to meet a real man.
- He will always try to get your number, so leave before he can ask (don’t worry he will find you on facebook)
-Leave a good impression; it is always awesome to be an individual!
So if you are attempting to do this at home please note to be careful, this project is not for the faint of heart. His charm can easily get to you and if he does get to you then you are in serious trouble. Keep an eye out to make sure he really is a douche bag; you wouldn’t want to do this to some innocent nice guy that wants to fall in love. It is always better to fall in love and find a nice guy then to destroy a man.


  1. Hi Sarah!

    I was interested in your original posts, which now are gone. What happened? I hope they come back - they were fun and interesting to read.


  2. I had to restart my blog because of threatening emails I was getting. At first this scared me then I realized that this was a good thing, so my new story will be better. Believe me there are tons of douche bags that need destroying :) Thank you for reading I hope you continue! I would send you the orginal but I never saved them... this was just a thing for me and my girlfriends at first to have fun with but now it's war with the douche bag population lol. Thank you! Your fabulous.

  3. Define: "Destroy" are you just trying to break his heart, is it destroying or teaching a lesson. I'd really like you to clarify this.

  4. if you're planning on restarting your blog every time you get trolled i doubt you'll ever make it through all 30 days.

  5. @Sarah - awesome, thanks for the update. Don't let the trolls bite and keep up with the writing!


  6. I have learned my lesson. If someone trolls me it won't bother me anymore. 30 days here I come.

  7. Oh and destroying is breaking a character flaw... Not necessarily hurting someone.I don't believe you can really change someone, however a lesson is a lesson and everyone always has room to learn something; whether or not it takes effect right away or ten years from now they will look back on this lesson.

  8. Nobody has room to learn anything.

  9. So let me get this strait: You were hurt my man in your life which now makes you want to go out and seek revenge by "destroying" a man?

    What makes you think that this destroyed man will not act exactly the same way and goes out to seek revenge in some random girl and completes the circle of bitterness?

  10. You wrote: "this is my way of passing time and heartache. I realize that I am young, I am still searching for myself and have yet to completely understand what love truly is"

    So because of that statement. You have just canceled out any creditability or advice you give on your blog.

    1) You are trying to feel better by trashing other and accepting NO accountability.

    2) you are young and dumb.

    3) You don't know yourself, your values and what you stand for, so you have NO expertise in the subject you are writing about.

    4)You are bitter and your knee-jerk reaction to you not finding or knowing what love making you over compensate in your blog! If any of my comments are confusing to you, PLEASE refer to points 1,2, and 3.

  11. Good luck finding "love" when you can't even seem to get over your own cynical, misandrous views of men. You girls never cease to amaze me with how utterly evil and uncaring you can be. It's all about control and changing a man to fit your insatiable and often unrealistic wants. If a guy doesn't fit your criteria for a boyfriend or husband, move on to another; or try being single! Why the hell do you ladies invest so much energy into finding a relationship? If you can't be happy alone, you sure as hell won't be when you find someone else. All you'll do is bring them down to your own miserable level and breed animosity towards yourself as well as other women. It's obvious you've had bad experiences in the past, but it's your own fault for not making a man work for your affection and prove that he's right for you. This doesn't mean you should try to manipulate him; merely observe him and his actions to make an educated decision about whether or not you two are truely compatible. Don't be so spiteful and selfish. As you said, there are sooo many other fish in the sea; why waste time in a futile attempt to change someone when you can just continue the search? It may take a while, but if you're too impatient to wait for "Mr. Right," then you really don't deserve anyone who will treat you well anyway. Girls like you are too high-maintenance to ever experience true happiness, but maybe you'll find an adult mindset some day. Until then, enjoy your jaded and flawed outlook on relationships and males in general.

    1. Big fat baby-either get wisdom-or go suck a bottle